Meet Deborah  

Although born in LA, California, Deborah Walker was raised in Sterling, Kansas. She has spent her adult life split between residing in Orange County, California and the rural community of Sterling. She attended a year of intensive vocational training in photography in 1983, and has spent years practicing her trade. With her son and 5 daughters nearly grown, she is focusing her attention on her talent in photography. She does portraiture; however her primary focus is in Fine Art Photography and Graphic Art.

Artist’s Statement

My motto is: Extravagant Simplicity!

Appreciation of simplicity and passion for God’s creation is my inspiration! Since I was a little girl I've been intrigued and distracted by beauty! The gift of loveliness surrounds us, waiting to be received within our hearts as well as our eyes... in a sparkly rock... a sunset...the ocean lapping at the shore... in the city or on a farm... in a snowstorm or formations in the clouds... in a tender moment of interaction between people... or simply a pattern in the dirt or an ant hard at work. With the chaos and busyness of life, precious details often elude our senses. If we miss the little things... we’ve missed the big things... because the little things actually make up the big things. Come, look with me! Look closely, and truly see... I’ve found treasures... recorded in images...

I would be honored if you allow me to share them with you!

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